Mt. Kinpu (金峰山) & Mt. Mizugaki (瑞牆山)

There are huts and camping areas, and some blogs recommend doing a 3 day hike with Mt. Kobushi, and please take note, if doing with Mt. Kobushi, 2 days will NOT cut it.

Budget: JPY9,140 (~98USD)
  • JPY2,510. Train, Nakano Station to Nirasaki Station.
  • JPY2,060. Bus, Nirasaki Station to Mizugaki-sansou.
  • JPY2,060. Bus, Mizugaki-sansou to Nirasaki Station.
  • JPY2,510. Train, Nirasaki Station to Nakano Station.
Hike Date / Difficulty (Elevation: 2,599m / 8,527ft)
  • Target: 2020
  • Difficulty: 3 out of 5
  • Route below is around 18.8 kilometers, with an elevation change of ▲2,391m/ ▽2,379m.
  • Map Link

When to Go
Buses are only running from April to November.

Special Notes
  • Weather check: Japanese / English
  • Trailhead:
    • Mizugaki-sansou (瑞牆山荘).
      • Trail options from camp area, Fujimidaira-goya (富士見平小屋)
      • Mt. Kinpu (金峰山)
        • Backtrail - 6.5hrs. 8.4km, ▲1,018m/ ▽1,018m
        • Loop (clockwise) - 7.5hrs. 10.1km, ▲1,181m/ ▽1,174m
      • Mt. Mizugaki (瑞牆山)
        • Backtrail - 3.5hrs. 3.2m, ▲675m/ ▽675m
        • Loop - 2.2hrs. 8.4km, ▲1,071m/ ▽1,059m
      • Based on the above schedule, I chose to do Mt. Mizugaku loop for day 1, and Mt. Kinpu backtrail for day 2.
    • Mawarime-hira (廻り目平).
    • Odaru-touge (大弛峠).
Bus schedule below:
  • 05:50am. Train from Nakano Station at Nirasaki Station. Transfer at 6:29am at Hachioji Station, JPY2,510. If you are willing to pay JPY4,220, you can take the express train and arrive at 08:36am.
  • 08:28am. Arrival at Nirasaki Station.
  • 08:50am. Take the bus at Nirasaki Station to Mizugaki-sansou.
  • 10:02am. Arrival at Mizugaki-sansou.
  • 11:00am. ETA: camp area, Fujimidaira-goya (富士見平小屋). An hour to set up tent etc.
  • 02:50pm. ETA: Mt. Mizugaki (瑞牆山) Summit
  • 06:00pm. ETA: Camp area.
  • 06:00am. Start hike.
  • 09:30am. ETA: Mt. Kinpu (金峰山) Summit.
  • 12:20pm. ETA: Camp area, Fujimidaira-goya (富士見平小屋). An hour to eat and tidy up tent area.
  • 02:00pm. ETA: bus stop, Mizugaki-sansou.
  • 02:20pm. Bus, Mizugaki-sansou to Nirasaki Station.
  • 03:35pm. ETA: Nirasaki Station.