Japan's Cat Island : Aoshima

There's really nothing here but cats, and well, it's called cat island so what would you expect. Also, there's not even a vending machine here, that's how remote it is. But, if you're already in Matsuyama, then definitely a fun place to visit for an afternoon.

Budget: JPY2,940 (~USD28)
  • JPY1,540. Train, Matsuyama Station <> Iyo-Nagahama Station (JPY770 one way)
  • JPY1,400. Ferry, Nagahama Port <> Aoshima Port (JPY700 one way)
Visit Date
  • September 19, 2020
  • I did this trip as part of a four night-four day trip to Shikoku. I'll link the blog post once it's published.
When to Go
Throughout the year.

Special Notes
  • Accommodations. There is none, unless you want to beg the residents.
  • Facilities.
    • No restaurant, vending machine, or anything to buy anything. Thus, bring your own food and drinks, and carry your own trash with you.
    • There's a restroom though.
    • There's supposedly place to buy cat food, but when I went there, they were closed. So better off to bring your own cat food.
  • Access:
    • Train, Matsuyama Station to Iyo-Nagahama Station, JPY770, 59minutes one way.
    • Walk, Iyo-Nagahama Station to Nagahama Port. It's 750meters away, or less than 15 minute walk.
    • Ferry, Nagahama Port to Aoshima. JPY700 one way. Schedule here.
    • If you get lost, just ask people for "Neko-shima" (neko = cat, shima = island), and they'll point you to the ferry.
  • Cats that have their ear cut are neutered (I asked a local guy)
Train schedule, Matsuyama Station -> Iyo-Nagahama Station

Nagahama Port (長浜港) < > Aoshima Port (青島港)

  • 01:02pm. Train, Matsuyama Station to Iyo-Nagahama Station, platform 3.
  • 02:01pm. Arrived at Iyo-Nagahama Station. Just cross the street, and the boarding area is about two blocks away. Here's the google maps pin for the boarding place.
  • 02:30pm. Ferry, Nagahama Port to Aoshima Port. Go in the ferry, and pay the fare directly at the little office inside the boat, cash only.
  • 03:05pm. Aoshima Port. There are quite a lot cats waiting for you. Play with cats! There's about 20-30 meters of alley that was cordoned off, so residents can have their private splace.
  • 04:15pm. Ferry, Aoshima Port to Nagahama Port.
  • 04:47pm. Arrived at Nagahama Port. Walked back to Iyo-Nagahama Station, and waited for the train.
  • 05:35pm. Train, Iyo-Nagahama Station to Matsuyama Station.
  • 06:52pm. Matsuyama Station.
Just some cute mascots at Matsuyama Station. 

The ticket is surprisingly valid for two days. 

The train - which is only one car. 

The boat to Aoshima. 

The ticket is paid inside the boat. 

Just one of the cute cats. 

She doesn't seem happy.

A bit snobbish.

Sexy and she knows it. 


Blog posts say there was cat food in the island, but that's a fixed thing, as there was nobody there selling anything. Actually, there was nobody there but the tourists. haha. 


Some people brought their own cat food. 

And the cats would definitely follow the food. 

The restroom is right next to the dock. 

Sunset on the boat going back.