Eiffel Tower

Of course this place requires no introduction. What I would say is that I didn't expect to spend as much time as I have going back and forth to this place. 

Budget: EUR0 (~USD)
  • Free
Visit Date
  • September 7-10, 2017
When to Go
Anytime during the year!

Special Notes
  • Plenty of people asking for signatures and selling trinkets. I personally was very wary of them, and even other blogs do not recommend them. 
  • Also has some gambling groups. No matter what, do NOT give them any money. They are illegal and they run away the moment they see the cops. 
  • Viewing points:
    • From across the bridge: Google maps pin
    • From the park: Google maps pin
    • During the night: Montparnasse Tower. Google maps pin. I didn't really google this, just asked my friend based in Paris to recommend a spot, and he recommended this. Tickets at EUR16, but honestly that's just what google showed. I don't remember how much I paid (or IF I paid. 
  • We just went there a couple of times from different locations. Walked around, and stared at her nonstop. Haha. 
Sunny day on my first try. 

View from the park. 

From across the bridge. 

View from Montparnasse Tower 

Still at Montparnasse Tower

This one from the bottom of the tower. 

From the park.