How to Obtain Tokyo Police Certificate


If, for whatever reason, you need a police certificate, the place to get it is at the metropolitan police department (National Police Authority - NPA). 

How to apply
Their page is pretty straightforward. 
1. Prepare the relevant documents
2. Go to the NPA office to apply in person and so they can take your finger prints. No reservations needed. 
3. After two weeks, go back to the NPA office to receive your sealed certificate.

None, it's free. 

Relevant Documents
  1. Passport
  2. Resident's ID or Resident's Certificate or other docs to confirm your address
  3. A document that confirms your necessity of the certificate. 
    • This is a bit tricky, because you have to provide the reason for the application, which normally includes the destination country and visa you want to obtain. Hence, would recommend that you call the National Police Agency (03-3581-041) first to inquire as to your requirements. 
    • In some cases, they may not have your "necessity" in their booklet of accepted necessities. For example, I was planning to go to Country A for a tourist visa, which means less than 90 days. As far as their booklet is concerned, only 3 months and longer is accepted. So they REFUSED to process my request. The way to override this is to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (03-3580-3311, English is ok), and get their approval for the application. You'll have to provide MOFA with 
      • Tourist Visa Application
      • Application for Certificate of Criminal Report (MOFA will email you the form)
      • Proof of need of visa (legal requirement, where I prepared a powerpoint including the email from embassy asking for police certificate, government website (with English translations) saying a police certificate is needed, and a screenshot of the relevant law. 
    • Once MOFA confirms this, they will send a piece of paper to NPA with your name and relevant details to authorize them to send the request. Then NPA will call you saying you can now come in to apply.  
The relevant phone numbers to contact. 

After the application and taking your finger prints, they'll give you the schedule of when to receive your certificate.