Hokkaido Hikes

Budget: JPY122,083 (~USD1,017)  from Tokyo 

Tokyo < > Hokkaido, JPY20,500
  • JPY20,500. Flight, Tokyo < >  Hokkaido
    • JPY9,000ish. Flight, Tokyo > Memanbetsu, with luggage. 
    • JPY9,000ish. Flight, Sapporo > Tokyo
    • JPY2,500. Train, Tokyo < > Narita Airport
Northeast Hokkaido Leg, JPY17,226
  • JPY9,210. Hostels. 
    • Shari hostel. JPY26,400 Jul 7-9, for 4 people. 
    • Kushiro hostel. JPY10,440, Jul 9-10, for 4 people. 
  • JPY8,016. Transport. 
    • JPY26,565 car rental for three days + gas of JPY5,498, divided by 4 people
Obihiro Leg, JPY35,411
  • JPY26,311. Hostel, July 10-17
  • JPY5,600. Share in car rental (36hrs) and gas, divided by 3 people.
  • JPY3,500. Bus, Obihiro to Sapporo.  
Sapporo Leg, JPY23,226
  • JPY14,000. Hostel, July 17-23, Sapporo
  • JPY6,516. Hostel, Kutchan (yes, there's an overlap because this was a last minute booking)
  • JPY2,710. Bus, Sapporo < > Kutchan area 
Wakkanai Leg, JPY25,720
  • JPY11,300. Overnight Bus, Sapporo < > Wakkanai
  • JPY6,380. Ferry bundle ticket, Wakkanai > Rishiri > Rebun > Wakkanai
  • JPY500. Rishiri Onsen. 
  • JPY1,340. Taxi, Port to trailhead.
  • JPY4,200. Hostel, Rishiri. 
  • JPY2,000. Rebun bus pass (one day)
DOES NOT INCLUDE FOOD, which is like at JPY3,000-5000 a day. Yes, I eat a lot. 

7ShariFlight to Ozora
8Shari,Mt. Rausu, hike: 5.5hr, trailhead 1hr
9MeakanMt. Shari, hike: 6hr, trailhead, 1hr
10ObihiroMt. Meakan, hike: 4.5hr, trailhead 1.5hr
12ObihiroWFH, rent car 6PM or latest
13ObihiroMt. Poroshiri, hike 19hr
17AsahikawaTravel to Sapporo
21KutchanMt. Yotei, WFH
23RishiriMt. Rishiri
25HomeFlight to Tokyo

July 7. Thursday. Day 1, Flight to Ozora

  • 12:55pm. Flight, Tokyo (Narita) to Ozora Airport (Memanbetsu Airport)
  • 03:00pm. ETA: Ozora. 
  • Rent car, start driving to Shari, about 1 hr from the airport (3 hrs if from Kushiro)
Friday. Day 2, Mt. Rausu, medium hike
  • 06:00am. Start driving to M. Rausu trailhead. (1hr one way)
    • Iwaobetsu Onsen (岩尾別温泉)Google maps pin, phone number 015 2242 331
  • 07:00am. Start hike.  
    • around 13.0kilometers, with an elevation change of ▲1450m/ ▽1450m (5.5 hours)
  • 03:00pm. Drive to back to Shari. 
Saturday. Day 3, Mt. Shari, medium hike
  • 06:00am. Start driving to Mt. Shari trailhead. (1hr drive from Shari area). Google maps pin, no phone number so just look for Kiyosatochou Station. 
  • 07:00am. Start hike. 
    • around 11.0kilometers, with an elevation change of ▲1,144m/ ▽1,143m, or around 6 hours. 
  • Drive to next hostel near Akan Mashu National Park (2.5hrs)
July 10. Sunday. Day 4, Mt. Meakan, chill hike + onsen
  • 05:00am. Drive, Kushiro area to Meakan trailhead (1hr)
    • Meakandake-onsen-tozanguchi (雌阿寒温泉登山口), google maps pin. Phone number 015 629 7321. 
  • 06:00am. Start hike, Mt. Meakan 
    • around 4.0kilometers, with an elevation change of ▲600m/ ▽600m (4.5 hours for the entire trip)
  • 12:00pm. Drive to Kushiro Airport (1.5 hrs) 
  • 02:00pm. Drop off at Kushiro Airport
    • 04:15pm. Flight back, Kushiro to Tokyo.
  • 05:00pm.  Return car at Obihiro Station.