Snowboarding Gear for Beginners

So, I am going to **try** to start snowboarding this season, and thus need to buy gear, and here's my personal shopping list that I'm working on. I'm a full beginner myself, so these are merely my notes from people I've asked. If you have an opinion, dear reader, I would appreciate it, so please comment. :)

  1. Board
    • Budget: JPY20-30k, no brand
    • Actual: JPY45,000, Salomon Board + Bindings, bought at Murasaki Sports Kanda
    • Buy at Murasaki so I get lifetime waxing for free. Apparently this is important. 
    • There are multiple kinds of snowboards, All Mountain, Freestyle, Freeride, Splitboard etc. As a beginner, choose All Mountain. 
    • Board length is a function of rider height and weight. Table here. I need to find one that is 149-157cm. 
    • Board width should be bigger than shoes. Shoes cannot hang over the board or it'll scratch the snow. 
  2. Bindings 
    • Budget: JPY15-20k, no brand 
    • Actual: JPY6,000, Flex bindings additional fees to the bundle above. These were the only available bindings for my size (M)
    • There are multiple kinds of bindings, ask for the shop's recommendation
    • Bindings came in three sizes - S / M / L and that depends on the shoe size. 
    • Consider step on: step on. I was told not to buy step on, because step on uses softer bindings, and for beginners they recommend a firmer binding so I don't fall as much. Considering how much I fall, if I fall more, I wouldn't be boarding anymore. 
  3. Snowboard bag
    • Budget: JPY5k, no brand 
  4. Shoes 
    • Budget: JPY20-30k, no brand 
    • Actual: JPY25,000, Head brand, Boa style.
    • Buy in store as I need to fit. Definitely needed to measure for fit. I'm normally at 25cm, but I ended up buying 26cm. When I first rented equipment, I had to rent a smaller size. 
    • Different lacing styles, but definitely should buy Boa style for ease. 
  5. Jacket and pants set
    • Budget: JPY20-30k?, no brand
    • Actual:
      • Jacket: JPY32,000, Roxy, Goretex. Bought at 30% discount, plus a further JPY3,000 discount from the nice Bengali lady. 
      • Pants: JPY20,400, Burton, Goretex, bib type, at a 40% discount. 
    • Buy in store as I need to fit. 
    • Requirements : waterproof. Look for either Goretex, or those with Seams "fully taped" or waterproof rating of at least 10,000mm. 
    • Jacket
      • Has underarm vent. 
      • Hooded
      • Pocket
      • Insulated + Shell. Insulation under 60g is lightly insulated, while over 100 is for extreme weather (source). 
    • Pants
      • Also need Goretex
      • Preferred bib type, just in case it gets too hot and I don't have to wear the insulated jacket. So I can just wear pants. 
  6. Butt padding
    • Budget: JPY5k, no brand
    • Buy online 
  7. Elbow padding?
    • Budget: JPY?k, no brand
    • Buy online 
  8. Helmet
    • Budget: JPY-
    • I have a Black Diamond helmet I can use
  9. Gloves
    • Budget: JPY-
    • Actual: JPY8,400. Burton, Goretex. Bought at 40% discount. 
    • I have a Black Diamond winter mittens I use for serious winter hikes. However, I realized that my mittens are about USD270. I don't want to use my serious gear, and so I ordered some gloves. 
  10. Socks 
    • Budget: JPY3k per pair
    • Buy online.
    • I like Smartwool so I'm choosing that.
    • I cannot use hiking socks as they are not high enough, and the top of the snowboarding boots scratches my leg.