Japan Dive: Oshima


Me in my full diving gear glory. Photo credit : Sergey

It was time to start diving in Tokyo, and this is the maiden voyage of all my gear (newly purchased!).

Per Tokyo Frogs: Oshima features beautiful soft corals, stunning underwater landscapes and a variety of marine life to see.

On my end, I had the chance to see hammerheads for the first time, and I did love the maze of the rock formations. Saw plenty of parrotfish (?) and box fishes.  


  • JPY50,000. Tokyo Frogs' Oshima Package, 4 dives + fare + accommodations + food
  • JPY2,500. Additional dive
  • JPY2,000. Ferry fee for additional luggage
  • JPY600. Train, Home < > Hamamatsucho Station


  • I joined a group Tokyo Frogs, so please check their website if they are hosting another event (it's not done weekly, but I think they do go every month during summer)
  • The main base was the dive shop Global Nature Club.  
  • If not going via Tokyo Frogs, two beach dives is at JPY10,000 (so JPY20k) + JPY8,000 early dive + about JPY15,000 ferry trip cost. So that's already JPY43k. Include the accommodations and breakfast and lunches and awesome BBQ dinner, and the tour by Tokyo Frogs is definitely worth your money. 


Itinerary as per Tokyo Frogs, copied and pasted verbatim. 
  • June 17, 2023, Saturday
    • 07:30 - meet at Takeshiba port, complete the paperwork
    • 08:30 - ferry departs to Oshima
    • 10:35 - arrive to Oshima, 2 shore dives (bento lunch in between)
    • 17:00~ - check into cottages, BBQ
  • June 18, 2023, Sunday
    • 07:00 - breakfast at the cottages
      • Our group tweaked this a little bit, and did an early dive with a 4:10am call time to try to see the hammerhead sharks. 
    • 08:00 - 2 shore dives
    • 13:00 - lunch, rinse and dry gear
    • 15:30 - ferry departs to Tokyo
    • 17:15 - estimated arrival to Tokyo

Dive Spots


Keikai Beach