Japan Dive : Shobuzawa + IOP (Izu Oceanic Park)


Photo credit : Ben of Divezone

Shobuzawa has a small wreck and IOP has underwater post its - quite fun small dives merely 3 or so hours away from Tokyo. 

Budget (JPY41,000, ~USD273)

  • JPY31,500. Divezone fees (accommodations, transport, dives, food, etc)
  • JPY7,000. Transport, Tokyo < > Izu
  • JPY2,500. Food and snacks. 

Dives : 5 dives (1 boat, 4 shore)


    • I booked with Divezone, so the only logistics I had to worry about was getting to Kawazu Station at 9:43am. 
    • Shobusawa wreck is a three minute boat ride away, but dive shops quickly cancel the boat tide at the slight chance of bad weather. So something to be careful of. 
    • You can do dives yourself (or with a buddy). Dive shop at Shobusawa and IOP can provide the tanks. However, the place doesn't seem public transport accessible. 


    • 09:43 - Meet up at Kawazu Station.
    • Went to the dive shop, got our gear ready, and did the briefing. We could only do two dives as we started late and we had dinner scheduled. But overall it was fun. 
    • 07:00am. Breakfast.
    • 08:00am. Head out to IOP. Did two dives in the morning. We were given the option to do a third dive, which I of course said yes to. 

    Dive Spots


    The wreck