Mt. Hiuchi (燧岳) to Mt. Shibutsu (至仏山)

LOTS of logistics.

Budget: JPY10,200 (~USD95)
  • JPY4,200. Bus from Tokyo to Oshimizu.
  • JPY1,000. Camp fee in Shibutsusan/person
  • JPY1,000. Bus from Hatomachitoge to Ozetokura.
  • JPY4,200. Bus from Ozetokura to Tokyo.
Hike Date / Difficulty (Elevation: 2,356m /7,730ft)
  • Target: October 2021
  • Difficulty: 5 out of 5.
  • Route below is around 29.9kilometers, with an elevation change of ▲2330m/ ▽1910m
  • PDF Map Link
When to Go

Hiking generally is around May to early November, but buses only run from July to October. Recommended to go in autumn though, which is late September to early October. Not recommended during winter given the risks (avalanche, etc)

Special Notes
  • There are multiple trailheads to choose from, that I am so confused so below is the map to summarize the main four places. 
  • Oshimizu (大清水). There’s a direct bus from Shinjuku at JPY3800. You can book at Japan Bus Online, key in From: “Shinjuku Tokyo Area”, To: “Oze Tokura Gunma Area”. Just look for the bus that has “Oshimizu” on it. The price can range from JPY2,400 to JPY4,200, depending on the time and schedule. You can only book a month in advance, then the tickets sell out quite quickly. There are only a couple of buses:
    • To Oshimizu (大清水)
      • Departure: 06:35am – Arrival: 11:15am
      • Departure: 07:15am – Arrival: 11:30am
      • Departure: 10:00pm – Arrival: 03:50am
    • From Oshimizu (大清水)
      • Departure: 01:10pm – Arrival: 05:45pm
      • Departure: 03:10pm – Arrival: 07:30pm
      • *From Oze Takura: Departure: 02:30pm – Arrival: 06:45pm
  • Hatomachitoge (鳩待峠). No direct buses from Tokyo, so you’ll have to go to Ozetokura (尾瀬戸倉) first, then take the bus to Hatomachitoge (35min, JPY1000). As a rule, for weekends, these are the buses:
    • Bus schedule, Ozetokura (尾瀬戸倉) < > Hatomachitoge (鳩待峠)
    • Ozetokura (尾瀬戸倉) ⇔ Tokyo (東京) , the bus from Oshimizu (大清水) to Tokyo above applies. Ozetokura is the station before Oshimizu.
  • Numayamatoge (沼山峠). Transport availability and schedule changes every year based on the plan, so check this bus company. It is called "尾瀬夜行23:55" as the train leaves at 11:55pm. .
    • For 2020, I sent them an email and they said there will be special night train from August 1st.
    • One way fare is at JPY6,100, and will arrive at Numayamatoge at 6:10am.
  • Mountain Huts. 
  • 10:00pm. Depart from Shinjuku Station to Oshimizu (大清水)
  • 03:50am. Arrive at 大清水 Station, start trek.
  • 09:40am. ETA: Summit. Take an hour break.
  • 01:10pm. ETA: Miharashi (見晴) which has numerous huts.
  • 02:30pm. ETA: Oze-hiuchigoya (尾瀬燧ケ岳小屋)
  • Rest for the night!
  • 05:00am. Wake up, breakfast.
  • 06:00am. Start trek.
  • 10:55am. ETA: Hatomachitoge (鳩待峠). Rest and eat some snacks.
  • 11:50am. Bus from Hatomachitoge to Ozetokura.
  • 12:25pm. Arrival at Ozetokura.
  • 01:15pmish. Bus from Ozetokura to Tokyo.
  • 05:45pm. Arrival at Shinjuku Station.