Mt. Jinba (陣馬山) to Mt. Takao (高尾山)

A rather long nice stroll up a ridge, Mt. Jinba to Mt. Takao trail actually sees a lot of trail runners. Given its popularity, it sees a lot of stalls for your mountain snacks and oden too. 

Budget: JPY1740 (~USD17)

  • JPY990. Train, Nakano Station to Fujino Station. 
  • JPY180. Bus, Fujino Station to trailhead, Jinba Tozanguchi
  • JPY570. Train, Takao Station to Nakano Station

Hike Date / Difficulty (Elevation: 855m / 2805ft)

  • April 2019
  • Difficulty: 3 out of 5. Nice stroll! 
  • Route below is around 19.1kilometers, with an elevation elevation change of ▲1533m/ ▽1542m
  • PDF Map Link

When to Go

Anytime during the year, no special equipment for winter. 


  • 06:39am. Train from Nakano Station to Fujino Station.
  • 07:52am. Arrival at Fujino Station.
  • 08:06am. Bus from Fujino Station to trailhead, Jinba Tozanguchi (陣馬登山口). Here’s the bus schedule.
  • 08:11am. Arrival at Jinba Tozanguchi. 
  • 10:30am. ETA: Summit of Mt. Jinba
  • 02:20pm. ETA: Summit of Mt. Takao.
  • 03:30pm. ETA: Takao Station.