Amazon Rainforest's Yasuni National Park


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I wanted to go to see the Amazon, and the resources were overwhelming. Amazon is huge, and there are different entry points. You can go via Brazil, Peru, or Ecuador. 

As per this onthegotours blog:

  • Brazil to see the scale
  • Peru for quick and cheap trips
  • Ecuador for biodiversity - and that is Yasuni National Park. 

Budget: USD1,000~ from Quito

  • USDxx. Trip from Quito to Coca.
  • USD950. Tour (5d/4n)

 Visit Date

  • Target: 2020
  • Ideally at least three days' of travel, I'm trying for 5d4n trip.

When to Go
As a tropical country, weather is mainly rainy (high water) vs not rainy (low water)

  • High water season is January to June, which has higher water levels and more mosquitos 
  • Low water season is July to December, so hiking tails are a bit more accessible

Special Notes
  • A tour is required. Tours mainly start from Coca. 
  • Available trips : Yasuni National Park
    • Napo Cultural Center. 5d4n. USD943/pax, min 2pax. 
      • Coca - Lodge - Coca. 
    • Eden Amazon Lodge. 5d4n. USD880. 
      • Coca - Lodge - Coca
    • Sacha Runa Ecolodge. 5d4n. USD650. min 2pax.
    • Sani Lodge. 5d4n USD1,034, min 2pax. Itinerary.
      • Coca - Lodge - Coca
      • There was a promo of 4d3n for USD680, but not sure how updated that website is. 
    • La Selva Lodge. 5d4n. USD1,670/pax, min 2pax. 
      • Coca - Lodge - Coca
    • Yachana. 5d4n. USD??, min 2pax, technically not Yasuni, just entrance. 
      • Coca - Lodge - Coca
    • Intrepid travel. 4d3n. USD1,325/pax, min 2pax. 
      • Quito - Jungle Lodge - Quito
    • G Adventures. 7d6n. USD500/person. Single ok. 
      • Quito - Local community - Quito 
      • Cheapest plan I think, but not available on the dates I want. 
  • Other Amazon trips 
    • Kapawi Ecolodge - 5d4n. USD1,586, min 2pax
      • Shell - Lodge - Shell (with private flight from Shell)
      • It says USD1,296, but it actually requires a USD290 flight too from Shell, on top of the private hire from Quito to Shell. 

Day 1
  • Arrival at the dock of Coca is required before 1pm.
  • 10:21am. Flight from Quito. 
  • 11:04am. ETA: Coca

Day 2
  • s

Day 3
  • s
Day 4
  • s
Day 5
  • 11:59am. Flight from Coca.
  • 12:39pm. ETA: Quito