Galapagos is apparently a much more complex destination than I thought, so let me use this space to organize my planning. Advice is of course welcomed at any time, just please leave a comment!

Budget: >USD1,000

Visit Date
  • Target: 2020

When to Go

Special Notes
  • Entry Requirements

  • Airports. 
    • Baltra Island. (Seymour Ecological Galapagos Airport) One way flight ranges from USD140 to USD500. Right now looking at at JPY18,018 for cheapest flight from Baltra to Quito. 
    • San Cristobal. One way flight ranges from USD100-400. Right now looking at JPY22,417 for cheapest flight from Quito to San Cristobal. 
  • Islands
    • Santa Cruz
    • San Cristobal
    • Isla Isabela
    • Isla Floreana 

Day 1. 

Day 2
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Day 3. 

Day 4