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Hey! So, you want to talk, huh? Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to get the code on making a contact form (my bad) in this page, but you can comment anywhere! :) We welcome suggestions, questions, clarifications and most importantly, corrections!!! Let's help each other be better. 

There's plenty of grammatical/spelling errors (I'm pulling the "I'm not a native English speaker" card! haha), links that no longer work, and a million other things. I try to double check, but some of the posts I've written months ago, some of the posts I've written at two am after having a lot of Japanese sour. 

Either way, just go to any post (even here), leave a comment,  OR message me in instagram! (https://www.instagram.com/lostfilipina/)

It might take a while to reply, as I might be out on another adventure, preparing for the next blog post. ;)


  1. Nice blog. The google table is super handy! You've really done a lot of research. I have a car and it makes logistics a lot easier for sure. If you're looking for a hiking partner, feel free to message me.

    1. Thank you, yeah I had to do all the research because there's not a lot of resources available.

      Would love to join you on your hikes! Please let me know if you have any planned! I met someone on a hike at Shirouma and we are planning on doing Takatsuma in Nagano soon if you are interested too. Don't know how to message you, but if you have instagram you can connect with me directly there?


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