Mountain Database

Elevation gains, hike distance, budget and mountain huts. Every week I am faced with the struggle of finding the next mountain to hike, as each mountain requires a varying degree of planning and I realize that I’ve been going back and forth, confirming details again and again. And again.

So I figured I better summarize them, including mountains I haven’t hiked, and hopefully others can make use of it too. I use google sheets, and update it whenever I can. But here’s what I have for now (just 17! haha. Boy, this is a LOT of work). 

*PS, if you have a mountain you want to hike that’s not here, just lemme know and I can probably prioritize drafting a plan for that...or telling you that’s a no-no haha.

As a guide, here are what the symbols mean:


  1. Thanks for this resource. Really helpful ^^

  2. This is insane, thanks for sharing! I have also shared it with colleagues!

    1. thank you! hope it helps! Also, I have updated them all on my own (ie no review process) so please leave a comment if you have any corrections/clarifications!

  3. This is the best. Love from Nepal.


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